Friday, 10 January 2014

Inspiration from the wild

Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to get out and about and see what is growing around you.

Way back in November now I went for a walk around and about in Bristol. This first picture I took down by the side of the Riverside Garden Centre in Southville. I'd popped in after walking through the Greville Smythe park, just to see what they had. I do this from time to time. I love to look at the fruit trees at the moment. They had an exciting looking apple tree that I wish I could afford and had room for (and a permanent home for too.) It had three different species of apple grafted on to the base. I would kill to have cooking and eating apples on one tree if I end up with a small garden in my new house that I will theoretically buy one day!

 From there I wondered around to the railway, crossed over the little foot bridge and down the side of the police horse stables. I took this picture below and only realised after I'd taken it that I'd captured the little bird sitting on the fence post. I love it when you capture surprising little details like that. There is something beautiful about that little path, especially in that sort of light. Scattered leaves on the floor, one side strictly regimented, strong and regular. The other side has been stolen by nature, leaves and ivy poking through, the tree over hanging creating an arch. You could definitely take this photo and turn it in to a garden design.

When I took this photo below I felt a little silly. Bending back with my phone pointing in the air (I hadn't planned to go on a photo mission) on the pavement by a junction of a pretty busy road. This is down by the road leading of to the university campus. I just thought this tree was so twisted and distinctive. It looks a little like it's trying to turn itself in side out. It made me realise how important the architectural structure of plants can be in winter, devoid of leaves and colour, they still being huge interest in to a garden.

I saved the best 'till last. This cotoneaster is simply stunning. Just growing by the side of a road, minding its own business. There are a few of them in varying oranges and reds. But this took my breath away! If you're living in Bristol and want some autumn interest for a sunny wall, I think this ought to be the plant for you!

Have you found any spots locally this winter that inspired you?
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