Californian Poppy
The Chimera's Garden is a guide to gardening written by an amateur for any gardener of any level.
I want to try to write a comprehensive guide to everything in the garden from plant guides, to things to do, to pest control.

This is going to be an 'as and when' guide, written as I learn and do things.

I am fairly new to gardening. As of Winter 2013, I have had a garden of my own for just over two years. The first summer here I mostly missed due to moving in late in the season. I devoted that time to pulling out the brambles and finding the 'flower beds' that was the entirety of that season. The next year was mostly destroyed by rain and slugs! This most recent summer has seen a huge improvement in the garden. I designed the space and implemented my own planting plan. Unfortunately the garden fought back, and was either drenched and bog like, or bone dry, shaded or scorched. My garden is a great place to learn!

I'm Chloe, I am based in Bristol in the South-West of England and I'm 27 years old.

I hope you'll join me on this gardening adventure!
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