Monday, 2 December 2013

Glasgow Botanical Gardens

So, in September I was up in Scotland staying near Glasgow. The last time my boyfriend and I went up there we weren't up there long enough to get to the Botanical Gardens. But this time I made sure we had enough time to go!

Although the weather we had when we were there was good, by that I mean it didn't rain. We were not, unfortunately, blessed with sunshine.

So on this cloudy and cold day we wondered around the green houses and gardens. They were somewhat brilliant! Firstly we went in to the carnivorous plants area. I love pitcher plants, and have on numerous occasions managed to keep one alive for at least a few months. They don't seem to do too well with me, but this room was amazing, so many different varieties!

There was a large room, with concentric circular beds in it next. Huge plants reaching up high. I cant remember exactly what plants it had now, I think there were a mix from various areas of the world.

Next we found our way in to a net work of interconnecting green houses. All of them in the beautiful white iron work.

Some were massive with tall trees reaching the ceiling, and leaves the same size and my torso. Others were smaller, tunnel like, but all stocked with so many varieties of plants, from different places, which do different things.

There was a room with unusual commercially farmed plants like cocoa.

There were huge quantities of flowers I'd never seen before, with beautiful structures and colours.

This plant above I spotted a few times. It's not a great photo but I was struck with its triple triangular leaves and little white trumpet flowers. It's beautiful.


I couldn't work this one out. The pink must be flowers as they are attached to the same plant as the green leaves. What ever it is its pretty damn stunning.

There were a couple of ponds, the one in the picture below had cat fish skulking in the depths, mostly sitting on the pipes within the pool though. We guessed that the pipes held something warmer than the surrounding water, so they were doing the fishy equivalent of sunbathing.

There was a room of orchids, and one of super delicate (or poisonous!) flowers kept behind glass.

There were also huge grounds which on a hot sunny day would be filled with people mooching about eating ice cream and basking in the sun. On our day out there were just a few people using it as a cut through. They have a rose garden, which was sadly faded at that time of year. They had wheat and oats growing in a bed, which we spent some time over being interested in beer and brewing! There was a physic garden and lots of beautiful trees.

I would love to go again on a day in the summer, when I can stroll about with an ice cream and have tea and cake in the café.

I highly recommend going and taking a look even in the dead of winter! The hot houses are cosy, instructive and beautiful! You'll find things you've not seen before and take inspiration from their out doors areas. If you have kids they have a play area in amongst all the gardens too.

Their website here: Take a look, plan and visit and enjoy!
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