Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cosmos - Cosmos Bipinnatus

Cosmos bipinnatus is a member of the Asteraceae family. It can grow up to 4ft or 120cm in height, but does require staking as it doesn't support its own weight well especially when in flower. It has medium-sized open flowers and feathery bipinnate leaves. It is a half-hardy herbaceous annual. Prefers full sun but will tolerate part shade. Comes in shades from dark magenta through to white.

Cosmos is native to Mexico. It was introduced to England in 1799 but it only became popular as a garden plant in the early 1900's. It was awarded an Award of Garden Merit in 1936. There are many varieties of C. bipinnatus.

Cosmos bipinnatus is great for bees and butterflys.

Cosmos prefers a less rich soil in full sun. It will stand drought. Can be sown inside, but may result in a lanky plant. Best sown outside in flowering position in Spring. Should germinate between 1-2 weeks. Will self seed.
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